Estate Sale Outing – Weekend of 5/11/12

I took a 1/2 day vacation this Friday and hit the sales then instead of Saturday.  The advantage of hitting them on the first day is that most of what is expected to be there per is still there.  But, the drawback is that no one is really looking to deal on day one of a sale.

My first stop was at a sale that had bobble heads or nodders.  Most of you know nodders as the sports bobble heads.  These were of asian people and another one was of two pigs.  Cool, but I wasn’t ready to start collecting those yet.  Although I didn’t buy anything I did have a nice conversation with Barbara Mazer of BMI – Barbara Mazer Interiors and one of her workers, working the sale.  I offered to take their pictures and put them on my site but they declined.  I think they were being shy.  lol

Anyway, I told her a little bit about my site and she asked who does my site administering, which is my brother Dan, of course!  I gave Barbara her number and website and hopefully she gives him a call.  I also asked that WHEN I get my business cards would she mind displaying them on her table.  She said yes.  Now I just have to get the cards.

The next sale had some Southwestern pottery that I was interested in.  Here is another category of items that I just don’t know the value of.  And, I see such a wide range of prices that I’m a little scared to shell out any money.  I didn’t this time either.  Sorry I don’t have any pics either.

There were several other sales that had items that I was interested in that I just didn’t get to.  Here is a list of what they had:

An outdoor sun made of copper for my pool area

The Thinker – bookends

Dark Tower – an old board game with a battery operated tower me and my buddies used to play.  BEFORE Atari, Nintendo, In-Television, X-Box 360!

A 6-foot floor indoor water fountain (I really wanted that!!!!)

With summer coming along I have some things I need to get done on weekends so I am a little iffy right now when it comes to the sales.  Until next time.

See you in the corner of the basement

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